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Do you know who’s he?

July 24, 2009 · No Comments

After reading the ‘Fresh twist emerges in Teoh’s case.’

It looks like the blogger of 4tbh.blogspot.com has decided to pluck DAP’s eyebrows. Allegations after allegations with his supportive version of proofs were have been appended thereunder his blog. It’s like there is no smoke without fire.

I’ve the curiosity which knows no bounds to know the identity of this particular blogger. Nevertheless, who’s who the blogger is also a person to be interested by the police and the Royal Commission of inquiry.

In China, often that this kind of curiosity could be powerfully tracked down by an offering of 人肉搜索 (human search engine).

Do you know who’s he?

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The 45 lessons of life, written by a 90 year old

July 21, 2009 · No Comments

As I came across The Most Singapore Blog Entries yesterday, a topic listed as ‘The 45 lessons of life, written by a 90 year old’ was found again being blogged.

The snapes.com which often tell for any misconception on circulations revealed that it’s not a hoax but it’s just an analecta of  “Text reproduces newspaper columnist’s list of ’45 lessons life taught me.'”

The writer, Ms Regina Brett who is a long-time columnist for Ohio newspapers and who was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2009 for “her range of compelling columns that move the heart, challenge authority and often trigger action while giving readers deeper insight into life’s challenges” is now actually 53 years old by this year.

“People are still e-mailing my “50 Life Lessons” around the world saying I’m 90. ” said Brett in her blog recently. “One person went too far and used Twitter to send out this tweet: Regina Brett was a columnist for The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio. She passed away in her 90s. She left a lot of wisdom.” She added.

One of the circulators named as “leeaper” has made his apology posted beneath Brett’s blog like this “My dearest Ms Brett, please accept my sincerest apology. I was one of those who made you 90 and I feel such a fool for not having researched it more thoroughly!”

But the conundrum, who’s the very 1st person who’d mistakenly or else arbitrarily written 90 as Brett’s age, is remains to be seen. Perhaps one would have an interest to submit “Regina Brett is 90,” into Google’s brain axis and find the clue from about 247,000 results shown. May you?

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July 10, 2009 · No Comments


比如 “我想当州务大臣,袋袋平安,且拥有几百万零吉的豪宅” 这对我来讲,简直就是个梦想。因为这个梦想与目标实在是太离谱了,简直是个goal imposible之意。基本上,先有了梦想,再有了理想,才会有目标之达。但这三个里程碑并非是自然顺序发展的个儿。其中必需靠努力和一系列的因素,才能达到所理想的目标。


老马说“2012 年以后,大马人都是stupid fellows。” 言之有理。

各政党高层领导者却纷纷议云 “这是我们一路来所力争的立场与政策。“ 言之亦成理。


<image source: from web>

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No plastic bags day is ambivalent

July 7, 2009 · No Comments

Yesterday I was totally bemused by the ‘No plastic bags day’ after I’d have pushing a half fully loaded trolley of wet groceries for checking out at the counter of a local supermarket.  I stood rooted to the counter front, bewildered by all that ‘no-plastic’ situation and hesitated to whether to accept charge of 20 sen per plastic bag. At the time when pushing the trolley for unloading goods directly into my car is impossible because I was traveling by ‘bus 11′ from my office nearby.

Only then I’d remembered that the Penang Government launched the ‘No Plastic Bags Day’ today initiatively mandated with – no more free plastic bags to shoppers on Mondays, and the ayes have it.

Since I didn’t want to be overcharged (as I felt) for the providing of 20 sen per plastic bag of merely at a cost of few sen.  Therefore I asked the cashier for any alternative thing to pack my goods such as paper bag or fastener tape or string to offering help. The alien cashier was just shaking her head with a simultaneous answering of ‘tadak-tadak’.

It couldn’t help and the frustration bereft me of words. Inevitably I’d to discard the rest but only managed to checking out with just a handful of my favorite sausages.  In causation I have to passing them one hand after another because of frozen-in chill while making my exit. Indeed this ‘no plastic’ incident was a blessing in disguise, because I afterwards found less dip into my purse.

No wonder I found that it was an anomaly of “only 2-3 kittens” in the store that day!

At the end, the green makes me greener and ‘no plastic bag’ lets my family be communicated together for averting Monday’s shopping as less as possible or otherwise opt for lighter purchase then usual.

My close encounter of ‘no plastic day’ indicates that:-

1. People would eventually manage to avert shopping on Monday or to make less purchasing on this day.

2. Ancillary items of paper bags or fastener strings should otherwise be provided alternatively. In case of uncertainty or unknowing such as for outstation customers.

3. No plastic day will help to bring austerity included shop rationing and eat less.

4. No plastic day begets plastic-bag income should not be solely favorable to sellers, consumers should also be partly rewarded.

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A wasteful resources

June 24, 2009 · No Comments

A government, most of the times, is simply a wasteful necessary evil. But one thing we can't tolerate is that more often than not, it creates trouble out of nothing.

The Accountant Negara, out of sudden are awaken themselves from comatose state recently to perform outdoor audit, causing business people to be busy on doing an added accounting and clerical chores to response to this so-called extracurricular activity. They are claiming to exercise a program of outdoor audit under Section 12 of The Unclaimed Money Act, 1965 merely to examine a company is whether complying to a small chapter of the said act.

Many can't help but wonder why this kind of activity which has been lain like a sleeping dog for more than 40 years, is now being roused. Is that the Accountant Negara has turned over a new leaf to pull up their socks? Hopefully they can erect themselves to audit the books of Ponzi schemes, Ah Long, fraudulent gold bars operators and illegal deposit-takers etc. more intensive rather than the ordinary businesses.

Nevertheless I'm sure most of the entrepreneurs are bitching about the audit exercise which caused a lot of disquiet among the common business people on how the government is spending taxpayers' money with wasteful resources.

Audit the accounts of entrepreneurs here and there is positively surreal. Government pays more on excessive staffs; entrepreneurs waste more clerical resources to attend and answer to the audit. All in all, it's just a waste of time to run an eye over a few pages of financial reports.

Quite common that we can't find any conciseness on government's tabulations and rulings. The government are always found to be irrational on the administration of public businesses. A new broom sweeping clean is a common manner where a tumultuous, a confused rush. As a rule, they used to stretch the rule according to their own reasoning at will irrespective of the burden of red-tape that will be passed on to the common people. Like many high-handed income tax bureaucrats who are always derisively vilified as the day-light dakoit by many Chinese people.

Some said that Malaysia's laws and rulings are highly volatile. Even many government officers are vague and unwitting on many of the details of frequently anew rulings. And the lack of decent public awareness is a great disadvantage to common people. Since the ignorance of the law excuses no man, but only government man.

The government of the day must not waste resources with minimal or nonsense values. Government funds should be utilized efficiently to reduce poverty and improve the livelihood of the common people and business community. Lets general businessmen peacefully bring home the bacon for the economy to run in order.

My submission is that a three-year comparative list of Accounts Payable, if made possible to produce as a prima facie evidence to replace the daunting audit by the authority, would succinctly and effectively be served as a compliance to a specific part of the Unclaimed Money acts. Simplicity is the best policy!

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Encyclopedia Britannica Widgets

April 24, 2008 · No Comments

Encyclopedia Britannica Widgets

Encyclopaedia Britannica is now offering their free widgets which are allowed to be web-shared. You can now copy the code into your own website or blog template, page, or post in order to share Britannica content with your readers!

Webshare is a special program for web publishers, including bloggers, webmasters, and anyone who writes for the Internet. You get complimentary access to the Encyclopaedia Britannica online and, if you like, an easy way to give your readers background of the topics you write about with links to complete Britannica articles.You may click here to see their featured widgets.


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April 18, 2008 · No Comments


资料来源 – digg

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Will blogging kill you?

April 9, 2008 · No Comments

It is skeptical to read the story of "Blogging will kill you" by Matt Richtel to New York Time.

"They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece – not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home."

Not surprisingly, the story is generating quite a bit of commentary. It seems that blogging workaholism is now reaching epidemic proportions and many pro-bloggers have had blogged till they drop.

On the other hand, See-Dubya indicates that rather than being stressful, blogging can be therapeutic.

In Malaysia, I didn't see blogging is a stressful business.  We can see Lucia, like many others, who is ardent in her derision of political imbalance, is blogging happily. Besides, blogging had often been equated with monkey business by many politicians. If blogging was stressful in Malaysia, by right this one would have not joined the bandwagon of the so-called monkey business!

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April 2, 2008 · No Comments








就是这样partake in each other's joys and sorrows,我们又过了另一个安祥的夜晚,也许,这该是第11771的夜晚吧!

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March 29, 2008 · No Comments


今天我又想再符行二等纳税人的义务,哪里知道一登录进入这个“伊发令”的网站里头,click阿click几下却得到了闭门浆。系统上显示了Sijil Digital Anda Belum Didaftar的答复。



Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Sijil Digital saya tidak dapat dikesan apabila pemeriksaan tentang kewujudannya melalui laman tuan. Walaupun lapuran cukai pandapatan saya bagi tahun 2005 dan 2006 adalah berhantaran secara e-filling.

Intigriti server Sijil Digital tuan sebagai pusat simpanan sijil-sijil digital bagi komuniti namun beragu.

Walaubagaimanapun saya akan berbesar hati jika kesilapan itu dapat dijelaskan, dan kalau diperlu, sila menghantarkan PIN yang bahru semula untuk kegunaan saya secara pemulangan e-mel.

Bersama-sama ini dikepilan maklumat-maklumat yang dikehendai untuk PIN bahru yang seperti berikut:-

Nama: XX XX XX No.
rujikan cukai: OGXXXXXXXX
Alamat terkini: XXXXXXXXX
Salinan Sijil lama: (dikepilkan)
Sekian terimakasih.

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